Monday, May 15, 2006

ANOTHER (broken record) Commute Lowest Time Ever Report

Once again, I have set a land speed commute record on the Segway. This morning I left at 6:32:50 and arrived at my parking space at work at 6:51:10.

That's 18 minutes, 20 seconds I do believe.

That means I have set a speed record which will be VERY difficult to beat. This one even involved at LEAST 20 seconds of "goof off" time. Once when I was trying to decide whether to cross the road, I waited several seconds before deciding it was too busy. Another time, I dropped my Spicy Hot V8 bottle into a trash can at a bus stop as I was cruising past it, but I missed the can, so I had to stop, go back, pick it up and can it, and leave again. I know those two delays cost me AT LEAST 20 seconds of wasted time.

To beat this record, I will have to have ZERO red light time and ZERO goof off time. Not easy to do.

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