Friday, August 04, 2006

Approaching 700 miles

Was of today 8-4-06, I am at 696 miles on the SegSter. That's 696 miles I did not pollute by driving my car. I am averaging about 145 miles a month on the Seg.

I managed to survive the whole summer with the Phoenix heat. I'm looking forward to the Fall and Winter rides too, prepared to bundle up for the 40-55 degree weather. Seldom in the 30s here, even in the coldest part of the mornings.

Based on my experiences in March 2006, I know that my ears and face get very cold on the 20 minute glides in the coldest mornings. I might have to find somekind of pullover face and ear covering or something to keep the heat.

Keep on Seggin' !!!!!

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