Thursday, May 10, 2007

Slime is Da Shizzle !!

Had an issue with my tires recently. My right tire was losing air pretty noticeably quickly. In the first few months, I had to refill the tires about every two weeks. Then it became one week. Then I noticed that my right tire went down considerably faster. The right tire eventually started going down in about a day and a half. I had to take action !!

First I tried that "Fix a Flat" for car tires, but all that did was make a stinky mess in my garage. No effect at all on the leak.

So I did my research on and other places, and it appears the SLIME products were the ones to use.

I bought two 8-oz bottles of Slime for Tubeless tires (for $9.99 each !!!) at a bike shop and I put the slime in the tires the afternoon of May 8th. No mess, no fuss, no bad smells. Aired the tires up and ran the Segway around a few minutes to distribute the Slime evenly inside the tires.

Since then, the tires have not lost an OUNCE of air !! It's amazing !! Now I will be airing the tires up only maybe once a month or so I'll wager.

Everyone who has a Segway needs to SLIME those tires !!

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