Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Driver of Highlander Hybrid Forces Me To Yell (and Cuss) At Him

I was having a nice, peaceful glide home yesterday afternoon. Came to a red light at the entrance to the 202 Freeway near the Salt River Bridge. The left turn lane on the other side was in full flow, turning in front of me. There was a line of cars at the red light behind me (I was at the entrance to the crosswalk waiting for the line of left-turners to finish so I could go.) I had pulled forward to "nose ahead" of the green Highlander which was the first car waiting to turn right onto the freeway entrance ramp. I was there to let him know that "as soon as this line of cars finishes, I'm GOING because I'm in the crosswalk and I have the right-of-way by both my position ahead of you and by Arizona law which gives pedestrians in the crosswalk the right-of-way over vehicles."

Well, the flow of cars finally ended and I started to go. In the corner of my ever-alert little eye, I saw HIM pulling out ALSO !! I turned my Segway toward him a little and he honked, so I honked back and he stopped and I continued to pull on out into the crosswalk. His belligerent act made me instinctively turn my head toward him and yell very loudly, "CROSSWALK, MOTHERFU**ER!!!!" while pointing down at the ground. He gave me a glare which he got back in full, and we both went our merry ways.

This event in essence ruined my evening. I was not in a good mood the rest of the night. I hope I see him again there at some point. I'd like him to mouth off to me about the incident and let me rip into him again about not giving a pedestrian the crosswalk right-of-way as law and common sense requires !! Sometimes people are such arseholes.

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