Thursday, December 08, 2011

Here are my Segway Haikus from 2007 - just now getting around to posting them...:

On my Seg I Glide
Oblivious to the Stares
I must Get To Work

Honks and Stares abound
Most Have Not Seen a Segway
I wave When I Can

The wind in my face
The hum of motors below
I love my Segway

Step onto the Seg
I'm standing on the platform
Lean forward to glide

Nice, cool morning breeze
Segway hums along just fine
Two more miles to work

Some girls smile at me
As I glide on my Segway
I blow them kisses

One day a girl yelled
Hey, I really like your car
I just had to smile

My helmet is tight
When on my Segway I ride
I get helmet hair

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