Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Almost got to Eat Some Pavement Today

I was cruising along, full speed, on a darkened sidewalk less than a quarter mile from my work. All of a sudden the Segway hits something and does a little bounce-turn to the left, then back right, then wobbles almost enough to toss me off as I lean back to slow it down. All that in about 1 second of real time. My heart was racing with the adrenaline of almost getting to eat pavement for an early breakfast.

I stopped and went back to see what I hit. I recognized it instantly. It was a fist-sized rock, and amazingly, it was a rock I had noticed a couple of days before on the afternoon trip. I thought I would never have to worry about it because it had been about 2 inches from the edge of the sidewalk, and I usually never get a wheel that close to the edge. But this morning I did, for some reason; maybe just drifted.

Anyway, I kicked the rock off the sidewalk into the gravel, and I hopefully will not have to worry about that rock ever again....

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