Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Well, Life Does Change !!!

Been a few months since my last post, so I guess I should say I'm still a-kickin' and still a-Seggin'.

In fact, I'm on my Segway for an hour and 20 minutes every day now.

My Mom is retired, and has moved from Clyde, TX to live with my two kids and me in Phoenix. She is my "unofficial" nanny and is taking care of the kids for me during workdays. This means I save about $6000 a year in child care fees, some of which I am paying to her for room and board and I give her a little "allowance" every week so she can have pocket money. She turns 62 years old on November 30th, so she will start her Social Security withdrawals at that time. I will get to claim her as a dependent on my 2007 taxes, so that will help me even more. It's really a win-win situation for both of us.

What this means in term of the Segway is that now I get to seg all the way from home to work and back every day. This means 12 round-trip miles a day, at 40 minutes per leg of the trip. This is piling up the miles.

Before this new development, my goal for miles had been 1,700 for the first year on the Segway. With my new, longer commute, I'm going to hit about 1,839 miles by my 1 year anniversary date, which is March 10th. That's great, and means my Segway will have saved almost that many miles for my car (not every mile was commuting but most of it was.)

So things are going well. Still loving the Segway, still getting honks and waves and questions from complete strangers. All is well !!!

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