Thursday, April 20, 2006

First Hottie

Well, the Segway is NOT A BABE MAGNET by any stretch, but yesterday I did get my first "noticable Hottie response."

I was at Priest and Rio Salado waiting for the light to go south, and a very VERY cute girl/lady was turning left at the light. As she was making the turn, I noticed she had a really cute little dog sitting in her passenger seat, and I looked at her then. We made eye contact and she smiled really big (nice perfect straight white teeth) and she then gave a little hand wave too. I smiled bigger and waved back.

Maybe it was just her way of responding to me looking at her doggie, or maybe it was the first time she had seen a Segway in the real, or maybe she thought I was cute, or maybe a combination of those things. Regardless of the reason, anytime a Hottie waves and smiles at me, "it's all good."

Just hit day 32 today since I last filled my gas tank in my hybrid. Thanks Segway !!!

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