Friday, April 21, 2006

Two Incidents

First, a guy in a white moving truck yells "how much are those" as he drives by. All I have time to say is "27" meaning $2700.

Then right behind him, two college age hotties drive by and the passenger yells "Hey Sexy !!!" out her window.

Obviously, not thinking I'm REALLY sexy, just messing with the Nerdy Segway Dude.

Sometimes I feel like I need a can of "Nerd-B-Gone" to spray on myself after riding the Segway.

But, it's all for the sake of saving gas and thus the Earf, so it's all good.

Tomorrow, a long ride to Snottsdale for the "Snottsdale Culinary Festival Picnic" thing. Gonna taste some mighty good food, I hope.

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