Monday, April 17, 2006

Segway up to almost 300 miles now.....

I'm keeping a "rough" mileage track on the Segway, and now we are at about 285 miles of gliding. Kids biked and I Segwayed on Friday the 14th to school and work. Getting really proficient at controlling it, and figuring out that it can be fun at speeds other than "max" also.

This past Saturday, the kids biked and I Segwayed to the Mall for lunch and a movie. We just locked the bikes/Segway together at the bike rack outside the movie entrance and went inside. I took the Segway cargo bag with me.

On the way home, we stopped for a bathroom break at Wendy's and this older gentleman with a cane came out and asked me a lot of questions about the Segway. He thought it was pretty cool. He did a double-take at the price, however. Anyway, lotsa fun still going on.

Also, I figured out that Stevie can ride the Segway to school when he becomes a freshman at Tempe High, also, which solves his transportation problem. Hopefully it will be "cool enough" for that at that time in his life !!!

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