Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Segway commute fun and practical....

Riding the Segway to work from the kids' school every day and back in the afternoon is really a great idea. Saving 8 miles on my car every day I glide to work. My current gas tank has 380 miles, and it WOULD have about 542 miles if I had not been riding the Segway all these days. Saving gas, saving wear and tear on the car, reducing depreciation, enjoying the nice weather, turning heads - what's not to love??

15.5 days commuting on Segway = 15.5*7.6= 118 miles

Trip with kids on 4-1: 9 miles

Trip downtown on 3-25: 20 miles

Trips to Denny's/Rubios/Parks/Misc with kids: 15 miles

Total miles of driving saved since 3-10-2006: 162 miles saved

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