Tuesday, May 02, 2006

New Commute Speed Record

I was really cooking on the commute this morning. Hit EVERY light green or yellow, and had NO delay points. Made it in just under 20 minutes, somewhere between 19 and 20.

I also realized that being a good driver of cars and being a "pedestrian" who cares about other people's commute is a bonus as a Segway rider. Let me 'splain:

One of my "pet peeves" is a pedestrian who is in a crosswalk just TAKING HIS/HER SWEET TIME crossing the road when there are cars waiting to turn right or left across the crosswalk. I have always told my kids I think that is the RUDEST behavior a pedestrian can have, because they are holding up cars just because of their slowness. Don't they realize that although THEY THE PEDESTRIAN might not have anywhere they need to be, that the car drivers MIGHT be in a hurry? I always say that if you are in a crosswalk, get your ASS through it if there are cars waiting. Jog or run, but get your slow ass moving !!

Today I had two instances where being a "caring pedestrian" came into play.

I usually ride on the "left side sidewalk" going against the traffic because that gives me a better view of upcoming traffic situations and makes it easier for me to see what's coming up behind me on my left, which is the traffic which is going the same direction as me. Today I had a situation where I was coming up to a side street intersection and there was a pickup in the left turn lane going my direction who wanted to turn left down the sidestreet I was about to cross. I looked ahead and saw a "break" in the traffic coming toward him, and I knew he would try to make his left turn because the group of cars coming up after the break was a large group. Because of the timing, if I had gone across the road and he had to wait for me, he would have been forced to wait for that large group of cars. So to help HIM out, I stopped at the corner and indicated with my hand that he should go. He went, and I had no obstruction after that. It worked out great for everyone. The most important point is that I, as a pedestrian, did a little tiny favor to the driver so HIS commute was less stressful. That makes me feel good.

The other thing was a couple of cars going the opposite was of me who were trying to turn right, just ahead of me. I gave a finger wave to both of them indicating they should go, rather than block the right turn lane waiting for me. I find that it is very easy to "direct traffic" by hand waves to influence cars who are either waiting for me or GOING to have to wait for me unless something is done. In almost EVERY case, I try to get the cars out of the way, unless I am busting it trying to make a green light or something. It's my little way of being a good citizen and "caring Segway pedestrian."

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