Friday, May 05, 2006

Segway Scares a Doggie

Came up on a lady walking her two large hound dogs/labs this morning. We were on a skinny sidewalk, so I stopped on the side and let her pass. When the dogs approached, I gave a little high-pitched "Hi puppies, what are y'all doin'?" and they wagged their tails. As they got about 4 feet from me, one of them noticed I was not just a "tall guy" standing there, and he quickly "sidepedalled" it away from me, looking very scared. The owner said, "It's not gonna get you" and we both gave a little chuckle. First time I scared a dog.

Renewable Energy on my Electric Bill

I signed up for the SRP Renewable Energy program, in which I pay $3 extra on my bill which SRP then invests into renewable energy such as solar, wind farms, etc. That $3 will just about charge my Segway for a month, so now I'm paying for "clean electricity" for the charging of the Segway. Makes me feel good inside.

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